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Currently shooting a TV-Series and a shortfilm.

Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl is a self-taught actor with more that 20 years of professional experience.

Since his first professional appearance, he has worked with all parts of the industry. From theatre, TV series, Voice acting, Commercial, Speak to feature films.

Martin was nominalet for a Svend in 2022 with the danish feature "Forsvundet til Halloween".


Documentary crime:

Tollund man in ANCIENT MURDER UNEARTHED, OFF The Fence, Director Andy Hall (2023)


Steen in AKAVET (S3-5), Splay One, Directors Jacob Bitsch, Hannah Elbke (2022)


Jan Skærbæk in DE FORBANDEDE ÅR 2, Space Rocket Nation, Director Anders Refn (2021)

Police officer in FORSVUNDET TIL HALLOWEEN, Copenhagen Bombay, Director Philip Pedersen (2021)

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